Oh I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR!! Halloween!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Todays Ideas, Notes and a question...well several questions

I am wondering if anyone can expain why the photos in my previous post are all screwy..how do I get them all lined up? When you go in to edit photos they jump all over. Do I have to climb in there and sit on them?

I am working on several projects at once. A mini doll, a Rooster Collage, a display for Holiday Shopping at Molly's (www.ellarslie.org/store.htm) and taking, editing, posting photos.

I must also eat something and go here: http://www.shopearthgoddess.com/

Why oh why cant I cut and paste things into this weblog?? It is most frustrating. and time wasting as well.

I had 16 followers on this weblog this morning. Now there are only 15? I am, perhaps, overly, distressed about that? How dare you leave me??? We were just getting started! Lol.. Is there any way to find out who it was so I can beg them to come back?? I need all of you!!

Love, a busy girl,


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