Oh I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR!! Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Song At Midnight By Lucille Clifton

Wont you celebrate with me
What I have shaped into a kind of life? I Had
no model
Born in Babylon
Both non white and woman
What did I see to be except myself?

I made it up
Here on this bridge between
starshine and clay,
My one hand holding tight,
My other hand; Come
with me that everyday
Something has tried to kill me
and has failed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Road to Hell is Lined with Good Intentions.

I am not going to say all my troubles started when my father died b/c thats not true. Things have escalated since then, I will say, but I believe in the addage, to paraphrase, what can go wrong, will (is that murphy's law?). I will alter it to read if there is some outlandish, insane, nonsensical thing that will happen, then I will be somehow be involved even if it seems that I have NOTHING to do with it.

And then for me to say, that if I keep to myself, stay close to home, and mind my own business, that I will be okay is not true either, as in the idea that most accidents happen with in a few miles of your home. The house could catch fire, a tree could fall on it, or, as in my case, your land lord/person could be an absolute user, crackhead, trainwreck in your living room.

The Road to Hell is lined with Good Intentions, will be my epitaph.

I am tired of hearing people say (I'm warning -- don't say this in response to this post. it is NOT true), Everything will be okay if you just be true to yourself. You cannot be true to yourself in a vacuum, because what you view as being true to yourself, in any situation, will be interpreted in a negative way by the people holding the noose.

Judge Jury and Executioner. The people who are making this decision will never, unfortunately, never read this writing, and they do not understand. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. I AM NOT CONTACTING YOU TO BE FUNNY OR A PAIN IN THE ASS. This is MY LIFE AT STAKE and I thought you people were in the business of SAVING LIVES. YES I am WHINING, because all life has TAUGHT ME is that you must FIGHT LIKE HELL to get what YOU NEED.

I have stood by dying people and talked to them, held their hands and helped them transition from this life. I do not need someone to help me transition from this life, that I can do myself. I NEED SOMEONE/S to help me continue living. I have been limping along by myself BECAUSE I HAVE NO CHOICE, but dragging my feet along will not cut it anymore.

Time to take a break. Don't worry I am not in any danger; I am just letting it all out and, this will take a while.

Thanks for listening

Love Jeanine

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A dress Sue gave me to rework/recycle.

Sold items at Craft Show

Hallow's Eve Ornament!

I also sold a Hallows Eve Notepad, a Moose Ornament and a bracelet of green beads.
Think I will try the Flea Market on Wednesday.

Victoria Yule Angel

Here is a new listing on etsy, Angel doll: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=33217389


Friday, October 23, 2009

An Arrow Shaped Cloud

This was in the sky facing south, pointing toward the west. Since I live in NJ on the east border of Trenton, makes me wonder if John Corzine is in some serious trouble. It is pointing towards the capitol.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Last Christmas Eve. 2006.

Clockwise my mother Angela, Me (in purple) , aunts Rita and Regina (Twins A & B), cousin Christine, my sister Claudine, and cousin Elizabeth. I believe my uncle Charlie took the picture (he is Rita's husband).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poppets that I have sold

Sabina--went to Laura's mom. She grew wings!

For Norma. "Make me a doll like that...but in Black"

Emmy--Grandma's Doll. Grandma hung her on the wall! Isnt that poppet abuse??


Some new items/photos

Conquest of the South Pole Ornament

Hallow's Eve Ornament

Voodoo In A Jar!!! Pins Included!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My computer buddy

This is Blue aka Scarface. He hops up on top of the printer and sometimes sticks his paw out in my face to say "hey look at me". When he wants to get down, he uses me as a ladder. Ha ha!

Today is a happy sad day


I think of you all the time Daddy and sometimes it's hard to do happy things because you should be here to do them with us.

New Acquisitions: from pagan etsy street team member


New Acquisitions: Purchased at a vintage shop in lambertville, nj

Two Vintage flowers, a cat pin with rhinestone eyes, and a scrapbook cover.

New Acquisitions: From an online swap

Thank you to Tracy in South Carolina!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New ATCs for two swaps

Thanksgiving/Fall "No Talking Turkey!"

About me Swap


Today's yardsale find.

There is a couple who are moving, they live in Upper Freehold, NJ and the lady has a TON of crafty things. Just about everything one could think of. She has a "store" set up in thier garage, and everything is organised in plastic containers. She has wonderful spools of antique lace from her mom, buttons, ribbon, a lot of christmas things. I think she has a sale every weekend, this is the second time I went there.

I might try to drag my mom over. This friend of her's, Barbara, makes cards.

Here is the batch of things I got today.

Two kinds of ruffle, bells,
purple buttons, rhinestone buttons,
beige, orange and black lace, red ribbon.
There are also some little embelishmenty
things, hearts, butterflies, xmas tree
buttons, xmas decoration stars and icicles.

oh yea, this only cost eight dollars!!


Entry for Marsh Photo Contest

These photos were taken in the Crosswick Creek and Delaware River intersection. (Bordentown NJ) I love this area and was thrilled to find out about this contest. http://www.marsh-friends.org/

From the Riverline Bridge, Rt 295 bridge in the background

At the End of the Day -- Bordentown Public Dock, Under the Bridge.

From the Cliff in Bordentown at the end of Farnsworth Street.
Near Thomas Paine.

Riverline -- Crosswicks Creek
The below photo was taken from the Scenic Overlook on RT 295 Southbound. NJ

Ducks at Dusk. LOL!!