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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Todays Ideas and Notes

I was visiting at Mother's yesterday, sitting down and explaining to her all things I have been doing to promote my artworks. I don't think she really understood it, until I physically showed her the things I have been working on. All these little tags and cards and scraps of paper and empty tape rolls and such. I have a collection of letters and words in a bead container, in alphabetical order, really an obsession. Gifts like glue and tags make me happy! So she gave me a bunch of tags from clothes that she had bought and I am squealing. I am happy because it is one of the few times when she Really Saw How Important this is to me.

Thanks Mother!!

This evening I am going to a EMT ceu class on Death and Dying in a Pre Hospital Setting.

So I must get dinner and get ready for class!


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