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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What does this mean? Should I be concerned?

I think my emotions are dead, in terms of dealing with people. I had a discussion with two ladies that may be able to assist me in my current situation. When we were discussing the facts, I am clear and certain about what I need. But when the discussion turned to people I became muddled. These are women who between them have significant life experience. They recognised a problem and I could see that they did but what came out of my mouth was jibberish. I know I am overwhelmed and was able to express that clearly in words and also unclearly in jumble.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Update on New Doll.

Scarlette Bagonia -- a doll in progress, and her sister Rubee Bagonia (last photo)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My cast of characters on a Sunday. Love YOU ALL lots!!

From the top:
1. Moon (male)
2. & 3. Carolina (adult male) & Sunny (male kitten--deceased)
4. Houdini & Scarface (males)
5. Pepe (Male kitten, appears to be part Maine Coon)
6. Carolina & Pepe
7. Houdini & Sesame (hen--deceased)
8. Moon, Yin (B&W Female), Carolina & Pepe
9. Yin
10. Scarface & Houdini
11. Shadow (female)
12. Scarface
13. Pepe
14. Houdini & Scarface
15. Houdini (I think, they are hard to tell apart in photos sometimes) in my craft tote.
16. Oreo (Bantam Barred Rock hen--deceased)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another new doll in progress!

This is a larger doll that I started a while ago. Usually I do not make the bodies myself but was experimenting here. Once I got some hair on her and started decorating the clothes she was much improved. At least I think so!

Little Green Doll