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Monday, February 15, 2010

What I am dealing with--Help Needed in Central/South New Jersey.

My landlord has been taking my mail. Listening to my conversations. She even went as far as throwing "things" (in this case, cigarette butts and leaves--yes I reported this to the police) into the front seat of my car when the window was opened a crack. I know she has "problems" and I have no animosity towards her. But I know that my standing up to her "oddities" is one of the reasons why she does these things. And this is only scratching the surface--listing all the stories would take much more time then they are worth.

Today I am missing three specific pieces of mail that I know I should have received by now. I went around earlier to ask her about the mail: she wasn't in her shop so I left a note to please leave these letters in my mail box. If I hear her there later I will go back around and ask again. If I dont get to ask her again tomorrow, I am going to the postmaster. F*ing with my mail. This takes the cake.

For example on NOVEMBER 11, my aunt sent me a card with a christmas check in it. ON JANUARY 11, landlord came out when I was going to my car and said "Hey I have letter that got mixed up in my mail. One of my employees opened it and then it got misplaced. Maybe I can find it again wait a minute" When she came back with a crumpled card in an envolope, I have to ask WHY DIDNT YOU PUT IT IN MY BOX? "Well you werent home or didnt answer the door" UM THAT DOESNT ANSWER MY QUESTION ---IF YOU HAD JUST PUT IT IN MY MAILBOX WHEN YOU FIRST GOT IT -- YOU WOULDNT HAVE 'MISPLACED' IT. (MORON!!)

I need to get out of here. That has been established. But with no job at the moment I dont have many options. Spring time IS coming, even though we have mountains of snow. SO this is a good time to find a living/employment situation that is better suited to me. I need three specific things in a living space: two bedrooms, a yard area, and space for my cats. I am a responsible person, I have lived on my own for 20+ years, so I know how to take care of a household. I am a responsible pet owner: my cats are healthy (though three of them are aged) and clean. As for work--I am hoping to find a farm that potentially has seperate living quarters where I can work for my room and board. I have been a member of a garden club for many years, I am not afraid of heavy, hard, or dirty work. I also am Emergency Medical Technician and CPR Certified (my new CPR card is one of the mailed items I am missing!).

SO if any of you out there know of anyone who has such a situation, on a farm with lots of nice outbuildings and work to be done, I am interested. Please spread the word.



  1. I hope you find something soon

  2. Isn't that a federal offence, opening and withholding your mail?! Wow, I hope you find something soon. Much luck to you and I hope you find something soon!

  3. @Gwen, I do believe it was a mistake, she didn't mean to open it. But I can't understand why it took her two months to get it back to me. I guess I will find out what to do, from the Postmaster tomorrow...
    @ Gwen and Marla, Thanks for your well wishes,

  4. Yes - the post office should deal with this. Perhaps they can get you a box somewhere else. It is against the law to mess with the mail though.

    I do hope something comes up for you and you are able to move - this landlord sounds crazy!

  5. @ rue, thanks.

    Update: I am getting a po box tomorrow. had a "conversation" with landlord yesterday. anytime I question her she flips out and threatens me. The post office said that if she continues to refuse to hand over my mail to report it to the police which I have done. Yesterday afternoon one of my letters was in my mailbox, opened. Haven't gotten anything else but the police spoke to her about the mail and her "customers" parking their cars in front of my driveway WHEN my vehicle is in it. I am still missing one letter ( a voucher from staples ) that was mailed on january 21st, but I called the company and they are resending it.

  6. If she's stealing your mail and opening it, that's illegal. Also, can you perhaps have your mail sent to someplace else? A friend's house, or a get a PO Box?

  7. @ melissa i am getting a po box (see above comment)

  8. my new address is po box 10166
    trenton, nj 08650

    send me love letters! lol

  9. Oh my! I'm so sorry you have to deal with something like that. I hope you are able to find something totally great, though!

  10. Best wishes in your search for a new home.