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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Help needed

I have just found out that my unemployment benefits will not be extended, in spite of the new legislation recently passed. I am in a bind, because when I claimed the continued benefit, there was every indication that I would get it, with a confirmation number which I printed. This means that I will have to go to the UI office in Trenton on Monday and get a straight answer. I am sure you can figure out it is common when dealing with the state of NJ that any request takes forever, certainly not two days

So, today is November 28. That means that the rent is due in three days. I will probably have to borrow the rest of the rent money (I have part of it). It would be helpful to see if I could offer some more ornaments on my Etsy shop for a donation, more substantial that would help me earn some of the money.

I am going to take a bunch more photos and list items and post the link here when I have done so. http://www.poppetree.blogspot.com

I am pretty much up against the wall here. My mother wants me to move in with her, but she has said that she wants me to have my cats placed somewhere else. I think she is royally insane. I understand her not wanting the cats in her house, or garage as it would be, but I have been backed into a corner and I feel that having them live with someone else would just be miserable. For me and them. I told her basically that I would rather be homeless and that I would put my things in storage and take off with them. I spend most of time with these creatures, more than her, and I am not going to abandon them. I think she is just jealous. Jealous of cats. Nice, mom.

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