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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My thoughts on charity and the kindness of strangers

I have been glancing through some sites recently where people were struck with sudden tragic illness. I will agree that this is sad, and I have seen it happen a lot and in my own family. I lost my own father in a similar situation as this one: http://thespohrsaremultiplying.com/help4anissa/
and while I can certainly sympathise with this woman's family, there is one thing I can not understand.

This woman's brain attack happened yesterday afternoon, and already there is a paypal donation fund set up for "donations for the Mayhew Family". My questions is "donations for the family for what?" Assuming the family had health insurance, (or even if they don't) what are we being asked to donate for? Normally when a person dies or is critically ill (and this woman is critically ill and dying--from the information posted by her husband), thier relatives and friends gather to support the immediate family, which is right. But why should any one else, strangers, be asked to donate money?

Please enlighten me. I am going through a very dificult time financially right now, and am concerned that I may be unable to keep my apartment (read "homeless"); Should I also set up a pay pal donation site? No, I have been posting on my twitter account (Poppetree) asking people to visit my etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/jdenitto1966 ) and purchase to help support me. I do not ask for donations.

But (tongue in cheek) If any one should like to donate funds to help me keep my place, I will gladly email my name and address ...

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