Oh I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR!! Halloween!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday In My Town Week Two

Fool in the Rain!! Yes, the blurry spots are raindrops.


  1. I love the third picture. Makes me feel like I'm twirling.

  2. It's pouring rain in Los Angeles right now too!

    Your pics are terrific. Love the detail on the house in the last photo.

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday. It's nice to meet you.


  3. A lovely journey through your city, Jeanine. It surely does look wet and cold. After all that photograph shooting I hope you went on home, had a hot chocolate and snuggled up in front of the fire to read a good book.

    You take care now.

  4. @Joanna,thanks! that is the "Owl House" it has a plaque with a date of 1850's (as does the neighbouring house).

    @Julie thank you -- I sure wish I had a fireplace, you are right I would be curled up in front of it right now.

  5. I love the 7th photo..is that a house? it looks so big. As I tour blogs from back home I am suddlenyl homesick for the houses,streets and overall atmosphere. Lovely photos!

    Have a wonderful and hopefully dry week!

  6. @Sonia yes it is a house. It is on a side street behind the school that is pictured.

    How long have you lived in the etherlands? And where in the states are you originally from?

  7. Lots of rain - but green grass here and there too! That is promising!