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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Question and answer regarding Wicca


I want to get into Wicca but the thing is..?

I want to go into wicca, but I cannot get any materials at all, and I cannot change my religion either. I don't want to use spells just for fun, but only for really serious purposes, like succeeding in life (which is really stressing me out)

So can I still do wiccan things but not be wiccan, and is it safe and how can start?

Your Answer:

Anyone can read, research and practice just about anything these days. Is it safe? Is going to a catholic church safe? Not really, just ask these children who have been abused by priests, in an organisation that protects these sex offenders.

There are many solitary practitioners of Wicca (and as many books written on the subject), It is always recommended to read all that you can before you make a decision to work with other people. Being well informed is your best protection. By the way, Wicca, is only one path to take in the spectrum of Witchcraft or Paganism, you can explore them all to find the one you are best suited to.

Also, spells don't work on their own. You have to take action; spells, or prayers or meditations, or whatever you choose to call them, can only enhance any action or any thing that you desire. A quote I read once put it best; you can pray to try to sell your used car, but if you don't put an ad in the paper, your prayers are wasted.

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