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Monday, July 9, 2012

My work is on display at The Coffee Cave in Newark, NJ

Sadly I have been informed by the curator of this shop that she is removing all the artwork from the place because it had come to her attention that pieces were being mishandled. I hope nothing has been damaged or stolen, Luisa did a wonderful job in setting this up, and its a shame she had to end it early. I am also a bit unhappy that I have to now drive up to Newark on Tuesday (maybe--but i wasnt planning on having to pick up my work until October.) It is as hot as hell out, and Newark is typically hotter than hell. But I suppose that it will be okay because I can use the items to display at the Butterfly Festival on Saturday...

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  1. Hi Jeanine,
    So happy to see your work is being shown!
    Good luck.
    I just added a New doll to my blog. Please visit and leave a comment. I would really appreciate it.
    Hugs and keep well