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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday in my Town: Bordentown Revisited.

I have enough photos stockpiled that I can post them anew.
No need to take new ones. It is a hot steamy day and I am staying in doors.
I feel an occasional breeze and hope that means we will get rain to cool things off.

Bordentown is a historic town from Colonial Days. It has been the residence of, most notably, Thomas Paine, and Clara Barton, and one of the Bonapartes. And Ocean Spray Cranberry.


  1. Great pics! I really like the painting on the side of the one place, and the yellow house with the stars above the window!

  2. I wouldn't mind living in any one of those houses.

  3. Wonderful photos! I especially like the fifth one from the bottom. Very cool.

  4. Great site! You've done a fine job of representing Bordentown with your photos. I dearly miss living there.

  5. Thank you Arlene, I love taking pictures there, there's really a lot to see.