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Friday, April 9, 2010

Larry Kirwan

Larry Kirwan of Black 47 at the Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ. I am still starstruck: but this is why I need a better camera!

This show deserves more commentary. It touched off a series of personal observances that set my little world on its ear. And I think that only writing about it will set it right again. So once I have let my thoughts settle a bit, I will be back with more words.

Thanks, Larry, you are awesome.


I first became aware of Larry Kirwan and Black 47 on the free form radio program Idiot's Delight that Vin Scelsa ran on a mainstream New York City radio station (which may no longer exist--the station not the show). This program became my religion, I listened to it every week and had many tapes of the shows that I listened to over and again. My strongest memory (of these tapes that I no longer have as it was stolen and ) of the show is Black 47 playing their song Desperate with Bob Marley's Three Little Birds in the middle of it.

Fast forwarding to going to this show on Friday. It brought out a lot of sadness and pain for me. Even though the performance was awesome, it defined for me that although I have grown in some small ways, overall I have not gotten any where I need to be in my life. I have many talents that have been stunted and have not been allowed to grow. I no longer have the time to let things slide. Larry's success as a person, to me, is that he took the opportunity to grow his talent and his voice and see how far he can go with it.

I am at a place where I have the opportunity to finally do this for myself and I am not going to let it pass again.


twitter notes

i am epileptic its "controlled" now. "ufo" abduction was by parents. lol

  1. last night i had a series of small mental earthquakes. i think it is settling. thanks. the music created upheaval, it happens
  2. i don't know. but it will have to b/c i don.t know how to recognise it. this has been an unnerving week. phew
  3. i give up. i mean i dont quit i mean i give it up to the universe that if there is someone out there for me they will find me
  4. blocked or is it because of seizures. an interesting thing to ask my doc. but it saddens. what other memories have i blocked?
  5. it is sad, she was definately someone i would have met at my aunt & uncles house. dont know if its a memory i have deliberately
  6. a woman who is my cousin's cousin introduced herself to me, i have no idea who she was but i have met her many times appearently
  7. today i had an epiphany, reawakening of some sort. i missed my calling. where did these years go when I was stagnant. & have no memory of people/places i should know well so much that i have missed & cant get back. i feel stuck on the outside, never able to really grasp anything that has happened to me. do any of you feel this way?
  1. Help Someone get me a ticket! RT Back where it all began. @blackfortyseven plays Paddy Reilly's in New York City on May 7th.
2. i dont know. not familiar with him, I know Larry Kirwan/Black 47 from Vin Scelsa's radio program way back when

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