Oh I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR!! Halloween!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It has been requested..

That I write a post about the pagan origins of christian holidays. This sounds like a good idea, because it will enable me to put in one place what I know about this subject. So look forward to this. I have a bunch of things that need to get done right away with in the next week or so, so I probably wont get a chance to research and put it together, so look for this after the new year.

I was also asked to write something about Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as it relates to so called psychiatric disorders. This is another subject that is near and dear to my heart because my diagnosis of TLE saved my life. If I hadnt been I might not be here writing this today. Again this will have to wait until the near year when I can focus my attention on the subject and present it clearly and fully.

In the meantime, my physician, Peter S Mueller, MD, has a weekly free group on fridays that discusses the topic of TLE and other related items to health and doctors and all things medical. If you live in the area of Princeton NJ the group goes from 5 pm to roughly 7.30 0r 8 pm on friday. It is held at 601 B Ewing Street, Princeton, NJ. (there will be no group on christmas and new years eve)

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